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Night-blooming cereus

I found out the name of this mystery plant, it's called Night-blooming cereus. It was blooming on Saturday night. The duration of the bloom only last a few hours and it dies, and it only bloom once during the season. So I made sure I was around to watch it. It wasn't just one bloom, there were four of them!

Here a time elapsed video I found on YouTube:

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  1. Cool plant, but it only blooms once during the season though? I guess you have to be patient to grow this one. :)

  2. Yes it only blooms once during the season. It’s the anticipation and the beautiful flowers and scent that fills the whole deck that makes this plant interesting.

  3. It sort of reminds me of a cactus (or maybe it was a succulent?) that only blooms every 100 years. I think it’s called the Millennium Plant? Anyway, compared to that plant, once a season for four hours sounds like a bargain!!!!

  4. Fern – wow a plant that only blooms every 100 years! Can you imagine one could never see it bloom in their lifetime? Someone who sees it bloom must be very lucky. Succulents are cool plants, I regret I didn’t get much this year.

  5. I love the picture of the night blooming cereus opening and closing. I have had one for years. It blooms multiple times during the summer, frequently with as many as six or more blossoms. It likes to be very dry in the winter and less so in the summer (It’s really happy out in partial sun and lots of rain.) It blooms best when pot bound.

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