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Cheap dirt

I was talking to my neighbor the other day and she told me her plants are doing really bad this year. She planted some Gernaiums and use Bacopa as a filler for her window box. I have been noticing her plants doing worst and worst every week but I was thinking she probably doesn't have time to do the the normal maintenance (watering, pruning, etc.). After talking to her, she told me the reason is because she used cheap dirt. She made up for it by adding fertilizer but the plants just never bloom and they look pathetic. Is it true that cheap dirt is bad compare to the brand name potting soil?

This is a picture of her plant that's not doing so good :-(

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  1. Hmmm. Geraniums usually like poor soil and neglect. Does that container get full sun? Is she over-watering? Geraniums like full sun and good soil drainage. I gave my mom some pots with geraniums in them and she rarely waters them and never fertilizes them and they are covered with flowers almost year round.

  2. It’s strange because she is just right next door and our deck receives full sun. She might get a little less because she has upstairs neighbors. She plants geraniums every year, in fact the same container every year. I didn’t remember the geraniums did as bad as this year.

  3. I’m getting my plants ready today to take care of themselves while I’m away. I have a couple this method will work very well on.

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