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Self-watering container

I bought this self-watering container from Walmart early in the season. It claims it can draw water up to roots for up to 2 weeks. This is not true especially for sun-loving plants. I would say it would last at most 3 days under the sun in hot and humid weather. I think if you use this container in the shade, it can last for a week but I doubt it can last for two weeks. When you buy these self-watering container you need to determine what kind of plants you are going to put in. If the label says it can water for up to two weeks, it really depends on the watering frequency and the type of plant you have. I still find myself watering it every other day. Although the good thing about this is, it has room for excess water that acts as a giant saucer. So even if you water too much, the water reservoir will hold the water instead of spilling all over the place.

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  1. I bought one of those very expensive Earth boxes that also make that claim. I’ve found that I can go a week or so without watering.

    Your succulents look beautiful and so does that grass!

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