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Homemade fertilizer

Don't throw away those eggshells because they can be used as fertilizers.  Just throw them in a food processor and crush them until they turn into powder.  It act as a good source of potassium and calcium for vegetables, flowers, and fruits.  The crushed eggshells can be mixed in with the soil or scattered on top and around the plant.

I also have success with milk as a fertilizer.  Once a week I mix one part of milk with 4 parts of water and spray it on the tomato leaves.  Another tip from my mom is to save the water that you use to rinse the rice.  The water has a milky color and it's supposed to have lots of nutrients.

Do you know any secret homemade fertilizer? I'd love to know about it!

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  1. Can’t think of any at this moment. But appreciate yours. Thanks.

  2. Interesting. What does the milk spray do for the tomatoes?

  3. Blossom - thanks for stopping by!
    Fern - Milk is one of those things that I’ve been told that will do good to the plants but I never really look into why. I don’t think there are any scientific research whether it is helping the plant. But I’ve been using this trick and the plants are doing well. I also did read that it’s supposed to help the plant fight fungus and those nasty disease that attack only tomato plants.
  4. I do save the eggshells but noticed they don’t break down too well in the compost, so maybe I’ll try grinding them up like you do!

  5. Good tip on the eggshells…we just chuck them into the compost and it never occurred to me that we should crush them first.

  6. Great post. I have read you have to be careful with milk because it will also kill beneficial fungi in the soil.
    I think diluting it as you do is probably the best way to use it.

  7. Jen – it’s not necessary to crush the eggshells, they’re just better absorbed if they are in powder form.
    Rowena – I didn’t crush them last year and I’ve read from other gardeners that it’s better to do so.
    David-Thank you for the good tip.
  8. Hi Louise.. Yes ! egg shells are supposed to discourage slugs too .. and I save my coffee grounds as an acidic fertilizer for those types of plants that like that ph level. Great tips girl !

  9. Joy- thanks for the great tip with coffee grounds.

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