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Gardening blogs around the world

I enjoy reading gardening blogs from around the world. Here are a few that I visit regularly. Are you reading this blog and from a country other than USA? I'd love to hear from you and add you to this list.  I continue to update this list as links come in and possibility create a new page to include all the gardening blogs around the world, so please submit your links!

  1. L'Orto Orgoglioso (Lecco, Italy)
  2. India Garden (Saharanpu, Uttar Pradesh, India)
  3. Gardening on Cloud 9 (Hong Kong, China)
  4. Your Grow Girl (Toronto, Canada)
  5. GardenJoy4me (Kingston, Ontario, Canada)
  6. designed2b (Netherlands)

Nasturtium (Alaska and Cherry Rose Jewel)
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  1. Hello, love your webswite and other blog suggestions, will copy it onto mine and post your website along with the list. and mention you too!

    gardening greetings, Carolyn

  2. just also to say thank you for leaving a kind message on my blog and big thank you for adding me to your list!

    Lets keep in touch!
    Gardening greetings, Carolyn

  3. You could add a gardening blog from Southern California (San Diego) – http://blog.yardfairy.com/ – I do lots of posts about water wise landscaping, using grey water, and also wildlife friendly gardening.

  4. Diane – Thanks for visiting my blog. However, at this time I’m only asking for gardening blogs other than USA. I like the idea of watering using grey water, it’s very environmental friendly.

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