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Vacation checklist Part II

So how did my plants do after a week of neglect? The good news is most of the plants survived but some of them didn't do too well.

As expected, the Calibrachoa didn't do too well (Drip-It pro at the back... more on that later).  It looks pathetic.

So is the Lobelia:

I just need to repeat this again... Drip-It Pro Watering System does NOT work! DO NOT BUY IT! After a week, the water level is still the same.  I've given it a second chance and that's it, they are going into the trash.

The good news is my Earthboxes did a really good job of keeping my vegetables alive.  Although I think the water reservoir was close to empty when I got back.  Not only did my vegetable plants survived but I got some harvest too:

Plants that had the watering crystals did fantastic and they were nice and healthy.  Once again my DIY watering system did a great job of keeping the Mandevilla, Fairy rose, and herbs box alive.  Look at the Mandevilla... it's climbing higher than my modified trellis.

From this:

To this:

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