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Must have: Japanese Hakone Grass

I'm doing a series of container garden "must haves" because I wanted to keep track of what I want to plant again next year (isn't it sad the season is coming to an end?).  Sometimes gardening is trial and error (some plants that works for others might not work for you), and the good thing about container gardening is that you can start all over again if something goes wrong.   I've had many errors before but over the years I've became to realize what works for my deck which is half shade and half full sun.  To be on my list of must-haves, it must be low-maintenance, drought tolerant, unique and fail-proof.  I love travelling so any plants that will survive anything from a weekend or week long tip is perfect!

Hakone Grass (2009 perennial plant of the year)

Hardiness: USDA zones 5-9

Light: Partial shade

What I love about this plant:

- Easy care.  The only maintenance required is to cut back the previous season's dead leaves in fall, or you can do this in late winter or early in the spring.

- Unique.  Light green bamboo like leaves.  All leaves cascades in the same direction.

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