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Bathroom plants

Do you have plants that will only survive in the bathroom? Plants that love the humidity and the warmth from your showers? There's  a skylight in the bathroom and it is the brightest room in my house.  Normally I don't put plants in the bathroom but plants that love the bright daylight and humidity loves it.  So what kind of plants do you keep in your bathroom? Here's mine:

Orchid (Phalaenopsis)

Below is a popular plant but I forgot what it is called.  It has such cool behavior.  It closes up at night and opens up during the day.  Love plants that have this kind of characteristic.  This plant didn't do well in the living room and I was about to throw it out.  After I moved it to the bathroom, it took off and never stopped growing, as you can see new shoots are still coming out.

Night (left), Day (right)

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  1. It’s a prayer plant! I have two. Some varieties are also called peacock plants because of the spots that look like feathers.

    In my bathroom, I have a moth orchid, 9 tillandsia (while I still have to soak them 2x a week, they seem to flower more when kept in humidity), and a peace lily. Oh, and some dried lavender.

    Apartment Therapy did a great article on bathroom plants a while back. http://www.apartmenttherapy.com/sf/plants-flowers/best-plants-for-your-bathroom-045923

  2. Just for kicks, here’s my post with the pic of my bathroom plants. I have one of those etageries and it’s perfect. http://www.barefootgardening.com/?p=45

  3. Nice blog and thanks for the tip on vertical gardens.

  4. Yes, that is the peacock plants (calathea makoyana). I like this plant, very neat and low maintenance. Maybe due to the humid weather in Hong Kong, it’s a very popular plant over here too :)

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