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Hens and chicks and flowers

This is a hardy Sempervivum perennial which can be left outside in zone 6 area.  It's been through snowstorm and hot & humid weather.  It is extremely hardy and look what it rewards me this year.  The flowers are not super pretty but I was surprised to it bloom.  The other two are succulents I added this year and they are also easy to maintain.  Just make sure they're in full sun, and just water a little bit when it's dry.


Herb garden in a cereal box

I love gardening projects, especially the ones that calls for recycled materials! I picked up this herb garden kit from the annual  2010 NYC Grows.  The kit includes everything you need to build a beginner herb garden.  However you don't necessary need the kit to build your herb garden.  The only thing you really need to buy are the seeds, you probably have the rest of the materials in your kitchen.  Next time when you finish a box of cereal, save the box and the plastic bag and you can build your own herb garden!


1 empty cereal box (don't throw away the cereal plastic bag)
1 Parsley seeds
1 Basil seeds
4-5 cups of container soil
Tape (or glue gun)
Scissors (or razor blade)


1. Remove the plastic cereal bag from the cereal box and set aside.

2. Use a hot glue gun (or tape) to seal both ends of the box.  If you are using glue, make sure the glue is cooled before proceeding.

3. Laying the box flat, use scissors (or razor blade) to cut the front panel of the box.  Leave a 1/2 inch edge around the box.  I didn't leave 1/2 inch edge all around so I had to tie a string around it to keep the box in its shape.

4. Cut out the center of one side of the plastic cereal bag and place it in the box as liner.

5. Pour soil into the plastic lined cereal box.

6. Plant basil and parsley seeds according to the seed packet instructions.

7. Water according to the seed instructions.  Put a tray underneath the box to catch any water that drains out.  Overtime the box will warp from watering.

8. After the seeds have developed two sets of leaves, it's time to transplant it to a larger container.

Enjoy your container herb garden made from a cereal box!


Bathroom plants

Do you have plants that will only survive in the bathroom? Plants that love the humidity and the warmth from your showers? There's  a skylight in the bathroom and it is the brightest room in my house.  Normally I don't put plants in the bathroom but plants that love the bright daylight and humidity loves it.  So what kind of plants do you keep in your bathroom? Here's mine:

Orchid (Phalaenopsis)

Below is a popular plant but I forgot what it is called.  It has such cool behavior.  It closes up at night and opens up during the day.  Love plants that have this kind of characteristic.  This plant didn't do well in the living room and I was about to throw it out.  After I moved it to the bathroom, it took off and never stopped growing, as you can see new shoots are still coming out.

Night (left), Day (right)

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