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Busy with Farmville

I've been MIA because it's been busy farming over at Farmville! In Facebook there's an online game called Farmville and it's a lot of fun! You connect with your friends/neighbors and do all sorts of virtual vegetable farming.  You get to farm with your friends and exchange crops as gifts, build a farmhouse and have farm animals.  I'm currently at level 24 and saving money to buy a log cabin (something I've always wanted in real life)!

Check out my farm animals:


Not much is happening in my container garden; the temperature has been too cold and windy for me to enjoy gardening.  Time to clean up the garden!

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Earthbox planting instructions

The weather has been hovering around 70F and that means it's time to plant vegetables! This year I'm going to grow Japanese Eggplants, Sprite Tomatoes, and Siberian Tomatoes.  If you remember this is the first year I'm using the Earthbox to grow vegetables.  I've read many good things about it and would like to try it myself.  To determine what vegetables to grow and where to place the seedlings, refer to the Earthbox website.  I'm growing two eggplants in one, and two tomato plants in another.


  • Earthbox Garden Kit (includes one EarthBox, one aeration screen, one water fill tube, two fitted covers, four casters, 16 oz 7-7-7 plant food, and 16 oz dolomite)
  • 2 cu.ft Organic potting mix (you can use any potting mix but I used Miracle Grow Organic Choice)


1. The Earthbox Garden Kit includes one EarthBox, one aeration screen, one water fill tube, two fitted covers, four casters, 16 oz 7-7-7 plant food, and 16 oz dolomite.

2. Install the four casters to the bottom of the EarthBox.  This is optional but it gives you the ability to move the Earthbox around, it gets really heavy when you fill it with almost 2 cu.ft of potting mix!

3. Set the plastic aeration screen firmly to the bottom.  Attach the fill tube and press it firmly to the round cutout in the corner of the screen.

4. Pack the two corner cutouts in the screen with moist potting mix.  It's important to pack it firmly because this is how the plants get water.  It's okay if you let some of the potting mix fall through the screen.

5. Continue adding potting mix until it reaches the top 2-3 inches of the pot.

6. Sprinkle the dolomite on top of the potting mix.

7. Mix the dolomite with the top 3 inches of the potting mix.

8. Add some more potting mix to cover the dolomite.

9. Create a small trough and then pour the dry fertilizer in a strip.  The location of the fertilizer varies, refer to the placements guide.  Cover the trough with moist potting mix and pat down.  Do not mix the fertilizer.

10 & 11.  Add some more potting mix until it is about 2 inches above the rim of the box. Align one of the round cutout holes over the fill tube and carefully stretch the cover over the top of the EarthBox.

12. Plan where you want to place the seedlings (refer to the placements guide).  In this case, I'm planting two japanese eggplants.

13. Cut and "X" in the cover for each plant.  The "X" should be the size of the rootball.

14. The eggplant in its place.  Water through the tube until water comes out of the overflow spout.  

15. This is the other Earthbox I planted with Sprite tomotoes on the left, and Siberian tomatoes on the right.

That's it! Just make sure it gets 6-8 hours of full sun.  If everything goes well, all it needs is water for the whole season!


2009 NYC Grows Garden Festival

Don't miss this year's NYC Grows Garden Festival. It will take place this Sunday, April 26, 11AM - 3PM @ Union Square Park (map) Manhattan.

The weather is going to be wonderful this weekend and the temperature is going up to 85 degrees and sunny! I went there last year and got a bunch of free stuff like plants, a bird house, gardening tools, etc. They also had container gardening demonstrations like planting trees in containers. You can sample food and beverages, talk to other gardeners.


I was a little disappointed because this year's festival wasn't as good as last year's.  I guess they didn't get as much sponsors this year.  Last year they gave out goodies and I really enjoyed the gardening demonstrations.  Although the event was a little disappointing but I met up with some friends and spent a nice day in Manhattan.

While walking through Union Square Park I saw this gardening area and noticed the NYC Wildflower Week is coming up! On their website you can find lots of interesting events like Botanical Walks, Children Events, Garden Tours, and lectures.

Setting up the native plant display garden:

Take a look at some fantastic NYC native plants photos.

Here's an interesting event for all you city dwellers:

Container Gardening with Native Plants
Time: Sunday, May 3, 12-2pm
Guide: Marni Horwitz, Alive Structures
Location: Green Depot Bowery, 222 Bowery (btw Prince & Spring)

Demonstration Description: Join Green Depot as we celebrate the urban garden! Alive Structures founder and Green Roof Specialist Marni Horwitz will demonstrate how city dwellers can easily incorporate native plants into their homes and other spaces. There is also a wildflower seed give away. This hands-on program will offer participants the opportunity to dig in themselves!

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