Scented window box

Planted in late spring or summer, the scent of lavender and petunias will drift through your garden, walkways, and open windows.


  • 24in window box
  • Gravel or similar drainage material
  • Potting mix
  • Slow-release plant fertilizer


  • 2 Lavenders
  • 2 Pale blue Petunias (veined for stronger scent)
  • 4 Deep blue Petunias
  • 3 Chaenorhinum glareosum (or lilac lobelia)
  • 4 Helichrysum petiolare
Scented flower box alphabet illustration
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Scented window box

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Scented window box

Step 1 - Scented flower box1.Fill 1/3 of the container with compost, mixing in slow-release plant food granules.
Step 2 - Scented flower box 2.Align two lavender plants (A) at center back of the container. The plants shown are a little small but they can grow up to 18" in height which makes a nice backdrop for the container.
Fill one-third of the container with soil.3.Plant one lobelia (D) in the center back of the window box, put the other two lobelias at each end of the window box .
Fill one-third of the container with soil. 4.Plant the two pale blue petunias (B) in the front center of the window box.
Fill one-third of the container with soil.5.Put two deep blue Petunia (C) on either side of the lavender plant, one in front of another.
Fill one-third of the container with soil. 6.Finally, fill gaps in the front with Helichrysum petiolare (E).
Fill one-third of the container with soil.7.Fill between the plants with compost and lightly press down on the compost so no air gaps are left around roots. Water well and place in a sunny position.